Keegan Murphy []
Phone: 778-227-7276

 Director of Programs

NCCP Level 3 Certified

Coach/Choreographer, National, International & Junior World Championships

10 Years Coaching Experience

National Level Technical Specialist 

Keegan Murphy began his skating career in Squamish, British Columbia under the tutelage of his mother, Eileen Murphy.  Keegan established himself as a Canadian medalist and international contender for British Columbia and Canada through the Novice and Junior ranks,  Keegan represented Canada internationally on the Junior Grand Prix Circuit for 5 years and won the silver medal at the 2002 Canadian Championships in Junior Men. 

In his 10 years of coaching, Keegan has quickly produced a stable of provincial and national champions as well as international competitors on the Junior Grand Prix Circuit, ISU Junior World Championships and ISU Senior International Circuit.  With previous experience at the national level as a Technical Specialist, Keegan combines his competitive experience with this ISU knowledge. 

As the Director of Skating Programs for the Connaught Skating Club in Richmond, BC since 2009, Keegan has honed his skill of building structures while creating a 500+ organization spanning from the CanSkate & Junior Academy programs.  All the while, fostering team coaching environment and seminar organization, ice show direction and national/international athlete travel. 

Life skills are at the crux of Keegan’s coaching philosophy.  The experience, confidence and composure that his athletes gain from their on ice training will lift them onto even greater things after their competitive careers. 

Eileen Murphy []


NCCP Level 3 Certified, Partial Level 4

Coach, National, International & Junior World Championships

35 Years Coaching Experience

As a professional coach, Eileen experience training athletes from the grassroots level through to national and international competition. Throughout her coaching career, she has held the position of Head Coach/Skating Director of the Squamish Skating Club. During these years, Eileen also travelled into Vancouver as a competitive coach at the BC Centre of Excellence to train her high level athletes who competed nationally and internationally on the Grand Prix Circuit. For many years, she has developed skaters who have achieved Skate Canada Gold Tests in Figures, Free skate, Skills, and Dance as well as skaters competing all levels of Competitive Tests up to and including Senior in Singles, Pairs, and Dance.  Eileen's opportunities for professional development throughout Canada, U.S. and Europe have allowed her to share valuable knowledge with her athletes and colleagues. This experience has given her a great appreciation and open mind as to the many different ways to present and deliver skills to students in the sport of figure skating.

Leah Warwick Timko []

Athlete Programs Assistant

NCCP Level 3 Certified

Coached Provincial Medalists, BC Team & National Athletes, BC Winter Games

8 Years Coaching Experience

Leah has been a member of the Connaught Skating Club for the past 18 years. During her years as a professional coach, Leah has coached all levels of singles skating from STAR to Senior at competitions from Regional through to National level. Leah is a Skate Canada Gold medalist in Freeskate, Dance, Skills and Interpretive.  She also holds a Diploma in Recreation Management with a focus in Leadership and Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Sociology with a focus in Community Development from the University of British Columbia. Leah sits on the BC Coast Region Skater Development Committee as the Regional Development Coordinator. Leah is trained in the use of the Dartfish Software as well other technique analysis software. It is with both her educational and competitive athletic experiences, that Leah strives to provide the strongest atmosphere possible for Connaught skaters to develop the discipline, passion and love necessary to succeed in sport, as well as in life.  


Amy Richard []


NCCP Level 3 Certified

Coached Provincial Medalists, BC Team and National Athletes, BC Winter Games

20 Years of Coaching Experience

Amy has had skaters pass the Skate Canada Gold Freeskate, Skills, Dance and Interpretive tests as well as Novice Competitive Freeskate Tests. She works with skaters of all levels including National Competitors, Provincial medalists, Provincial development Team Members and many champions and medalists at the regional and interprovincial levels.  Amy previously worked at the Skate Canada BC Section Office as an Administrator and was Editor of BC's Thin Ice Publication.  She is a trained Data Input Operator and Video Replay Operator which allows her to work on the technical panel at various competitions in BC.  She also holds a certificate in Human Resources.  Amy spent many years volunteering for the Rotary Youth Leadership Award program which gave her a wealth of opportunity to travel and work with youth of different nationalities on their leadership skills.  She was also a volunteer for the 2010 Vancouver Winter Games.


Kristen MacKenzie (Avis) []


NCCP Primary StarSkate Certified, Level 1 ISA (Australia)

8 Years Coaching Experience


After finishing her competitive career at the 2004 national championships Kristen took a short break from the sport to travel the globe before training to become a coach. She has now been coaching for 8 years in Vancouver and Melbourne, Australia. Kristen established herself in the sport within the province and across Canada spanning years of provincial, divisional, North American Challenge and national championships up to the Senior level. She was also part of the Junior Grand Prix circuit on the Jr National team. She won the 1998 Pre-novice ladies Canadian Championships (Tomorrow’s Champions) and won the 1999 Novice ladies Canadian Championships the following year. During her career she earned her 6th figure, Gold skills, Gold dances, Gold freeskate and Sr Competitive test. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology and has worked in several freelance writing positions overseas. Kristen specializes in the technical side of the sport and strives to develop speed, power and confidence in her students. She aims to make the sport fun and fulfilling for her students while striving for their personal excellence. 

Jacob Cryderman []


Jacob Cryderman began his skating career in Huntsville, Ontario at the young age of 2. He relocated to
Barrie, Ontario at the age of 16 to pursue his skating career and represent Ontario at the National
Championships in Juvenile, Pre-Novice and Junior men.
Jacob started coaching at the age of 19 while continuing to train. In 2012, he retired from his skating career
and began developing his coaching profession at Doug Leigh’s Mariposa School of Skating, Barrie Skating
Club and Oakville Skating Club under the direction and tutelage of Michelle Leigh. Jacob is a Provincial
Competitive Coach with plans to begin his National Coaching Level. He has taught skaters from around the
globe and of all ages from CanSkate to Senior competitive level. He is a Sectional Level Skate Canada
Technical Specialist. This role has further allowed him to thoroughly understand the development of
elements within the sport and bring that knowledge to his daily practice.
Coaching is Jacob’s passion. As a competitor and now as a coach, Jacob continues to bring his
enthusiasm and passion to the rink each day. Jacob’s coaching philosophy is to create a well-balanced
skater. He strives to support and push his students to be their very best selves both on and off the ice. He supports skaters to realize the importance of their physical, mental and emotional well being. 
Jean-Simon Légaré []



Jean-Simon started skating at the age of 4 in Beauport, Quebec, a suburb of
Quebec City. Following a bronze medal in the Juvenile category at the 2002
Junior Nationals, Jean-Simon moved to Montreal, Quebec to get better training
conditions. He was coached by Manon Perron and worked with choreographer
David Wilson, Shae-Lynn Bourne and Sebastien Britten. He went on to compete
at Nationals in every category up to Senior. He won the bronze medal at 2007
Canadian Championships in the Junior Men category, was a member of the
Junior National Team and competed on the Junior Grand Prix circuit for 3 years.
At the 2009 Canadian Championships, he received the BMO Possibility Award
for a special performance and for being able to “entertain the crowd to no end”.

After retiring from competition in 2009, Jean-Simon wanted to stay involved in
skating. He became a Section Level Technical Specialist and started coaching
part-time while at University. In 2010, he decided to start skating again, but this
time, to perform in ice shows around the World. He was a Principal Performer in
both solo and adagio/pair for 7 years. He travelled and performed in nearly 50
countries and for multiple companies, such as Willy Bietak Productions on Royal
Caribbean cruise ships, Holiday on Ice and Disney on Ice. He worked with
several directors and choreographers, including world-renowned Sarah

Still extremely passionate about figure skating and its development, Jean-Simon
is thrilled to continue his journey as a full-time coach in Richmond, BC. The
experience he gained throughout his career so far has helped him develop a
desire to stay involved in skating by sharing his knowledge with young aspiring

Colette Brabant []

 Colette is originally from Montreal, Quebec and has been a full time professional coach for over 30 years.

 She has worked with various coaching teams at competitive training centers in Montreal, Toronto, Italy, Mexico & Newfoundland!

Colette has developed skaters from grassroots level to Provincial Championships and accompanied skaters through national & international events.

With a specialty in choreography, program training and performance quality – we are very excited for all of our skaters to benefit from her great energy and expertise!

Lianna Yung []

CanSkate and SSD Coordinator 


NCCP Primary StarSkate Certified

CanPower Certified

8 Years Coaching Experience

Junior Competitive Freeskate Test

Diploma in Business Management & Human Kinetics, Langara College



Lorenza Samarelli Klates []
Shawn Cuevas []


8 time provincial medalist

5 time national competitor

Senior Mens Competitor

2 years coaching experience

It all started when I was a young boy, I competed in taekwondo, dance (mostly hip-hop), and, the obvious one, figure skating. With all the competition and art that was going on in other areas of my life, skating was slowly developing into the sport that could combine my competitive drive and my love for creating art through movement. During my journey into this new world I have won 2 provincial titles, competed nationally, made a ton of new friends, and learned many new skills.

Entering coaching, it’s only been a year and a half but it has been a great time learning how skating works from the other side of the boards. Over the year and a half I’ve coached CanSkate, private lessons, and CanPower. I’ve also started focusing on choreography and hope to do more in the future.

As a coach I want to bring a fun and a light hearted energy while working with my skaters. During lessons I’d like to be able to bring out that positivity energy whenever my skater is feeling down or having a rough training day. A personal goal as a choreographer would be to create such a magnificent piece of art and watch it turn into a gold medal at the Olympics.


Jessie Tang []



Janice Chan []



Alvis Yung []



NCCP Primary StarSkate Certified

CanPower Certified

6 Years Coaching Experience

Novice Freeskate Test, Gold Skills

Studying at UBC, Mathematics, BA

Alexa Linden []



Adonis Wong []



Nevena Azaric []

Off Ice Curriculum Specialist


RAD - AD2 Completion

8 Years Coaching Experience


Nevena was raised in Vancouver and started her dance career at the age of 5 at the Richmond Academy of Dance under the masterful teachings of Annette Jakubowski. Throughout her competitive career, Nevena received numerous awards, scholarships, trophies, and medals for her performances. Although ballet was her main forte, Nevena also studied and excelled in other forms of dance such as: modern, contemporary, jazz, and musical theatre. By 2008, Nevena’s professional dance career took her to New York, Chicago, and Europe where she had the privilege of working with world renowned choreographers and coaches.

Nevena completed all of the Royal Academy of Dance examinations with honours, is a registered SportMedBC representative, and is currently studying at the University of British Columbia within the Kinesiology/Sports Medicine branch. Her ballet repertoire includes: Swan Lake, Giselle, Don Quixote, Esmeralda, The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Romeo & Juliet, Paquita, and many more. She has been coaching athletes of all ages for the last 8 years.

Nevena understands the importance of philosophy, psychology, and perfection of technique that is vital for elite athletic development in sport. Figure skating has always been a close passion of Nevena and she is thrilled to be implementing her balletic expertise of poise, strength, and technical execution, on the talented skaters of Connaught.