Volunteering at Connaught SC

Skate Canada is a very successful national organization and one of the reasons for this is the involvement of thousands of volunteers that help to keep things running. Some individuals have been volunteering for more than 50 years! There are many types of volunteer positions available and these can range from playing music at a club skating session to making policy at the national board level. Each year Skate Canada pays tribute to its volunteers at its annual meeting and awards are presented to those whose contributions have been recognized by their peers.

As a non-profit organization, Connaught Skating Club is run and managed by a group of volunteers:  the CSC board and skaters' parents. The volunteer work is essential to the quality and success of our club, and to your child's experience here. Prior experience is not required. Volunteering in the Club is a great opportunity to learn about the sport of figure skating and how the club runs, as well as a fun way to meet other Club members and have a good time while helping out

Skaters registered in Bronze and higher levels are required to submit the Volunteer form and cheque when registering at any time during the Fall, Winter or Spring sessions in the current skating year (Sept 2016- Aug 2017), and to indicate which option they are choosing: Volunteer Deposit or Fee. The amount of the Volunteer Deposit, Fee & Hours is dependent on the skater's designation (see chart). The number of hours are per immediate family, not per skater, and are based on the highest skater designation in the family. Those who choose the Volunteer Deposit option must complete the specified minimum number of hours depending on the skater's designation level (see chart). Notification will be sent out by email &/or posted on the website volunteer page & rink roller board when volunteers are needed. Tasks will be assigned on a first come, first served basis. Tasks are assigned and managed by the club's Volunteer Committee, and not by the coaching team. If a coach suggests a job please discuss it with the Volunteer Coordinator before taking on the task if you want to receive credit for the time. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure they provide a valid email address & fulfill the minimum hours requirement if they would like their cheque returned, and to record their completed tasks/hours on an ongoing basis, in the Volunteer Binder and at home. Hours must be recorded as per Club policy (see CSC Volunteer form, posted on website). Hours performed by children are not accepted unless approved in advance by the Volunteer Committee. We will allow members to use BC Coast Region test days and competition volunteer hours to be part of their Connaught commitment with a cap of 8 hours, except for competition volunteering that skaters/parents are required to do by virtue of being a member of any BCYK organized Team; these are commitments the skater must make to be considered for membership for those teams and are not eligible for Connaught volunteer hours.As of Sept 2013, we require minimum volunteer hours of Connaught SC Board Members along with everyone else, but Board Members will get an automatic 25 hour credit provided they join at least one committee that delivers measurable results. No other Board related activities can be counted as part of the annual volunteer commitment.

Mid-year promotions (partial or full), or from Junior Academy into Bronze category will result in  prorated Hours. Hours will also be prorated for those joining the programming midyear - contact the Volunteer Coordinator, Victor Tan at  kellyctan@yahoo.com if you register after Sept 2016.

Skater Designation
Minimum hours required
Cheque amount

Bronze Plus, Silver, Gold,
Diamond B


Diamond A, Top Flight


Volunteer Deposit:Those who choose the volunteer deposit option must submit a Volunteer form and post dated cheque in the amount specified on the chart, based on skater designation, and complete the specified hours of volunteering for the Club by August 31, 2017. The cheque  will be cashed only if the hours are not completed and documented by August 31, 2017.

Volunteer Fee: Those who choose the Volunteer fee/opt out option must submit a Volunteer form and immediately dated cheque in the specified amount to be paid at the time of registration. This cheque will be cashed immediately and the family is not required to perform a minimum number of volunteer hours.

Please note there is no partial option for hours or payment amount;the 2 choices are fulfilling the specified number of hours of volunteering or making the specified payment of the full amount based on designation.

Thank you for volunteering. Your time and support make a HUGE difference in how well the club runs. We appreciate your time and talents.

For more information,read the Volunteer FAQ on the website  or contact Victor, the Volunteer Coordinator, at kellyctan@yahoo.com.