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Program Requirements: Full hockey or ringette gear is required, including sticks. A parent or designated adult must be present while skaters attend Club sessions.
Prerequisites: See program description below
Ages: Minimum age 6 years old

Not currently offering this program.  For further inquiries, please contact

The focus is on skating skills required for hockey and ringette. Three program levels from "basic" to "expert" levels. Skaters develop balance, power, and endurance.Group lessons include a full 60 minutes of coaching.  Assessment/written evaluation will be done on last 2 sessions.

Entry Level CanPower is geared to skaters aged 6 and up who already have basic forward and backward skating skills, and are able to stop in 1 direction.

Intermediate CanPower is for skaters who have good forward and backward skating and stopping skills in both directions. They must be able to do forward role play toys crossovers and attempt backward crossovers. Requires Gold Level 1 or Bronze Level 2 badge.

Advanced CanPower  is for skaters proficient in backward skating, backward crossovers, back stops and 360 degree turns. The program develops conditioning, strength and endurance. Requires Silver Level 2 badge.

Adult Power For skaters, hockey and ringette players. Must be able to skate forward and backward, stop in 1 direction, forward crossovers and attempt back crossovers. Advanced skaters welcome. An excellent workout. Join the FUN!!  

Please note: 

Rental skates and helmets are not available during our sessions - you must bring your own equipment.

All Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children while at the arena. Do not leave your children unattended. The Club is not responsible to provide child supervision.

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