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The Director of Programs will have the final approval of all promotions within the Connaught Skating Club Competitive structure. Any movement within the programs that does not adhere to the published criteria may be at his discretion based on membership situations, a skater’s competitive record or overall development.

For program inquiries, please contact

Bronze : Salchow, Toe Loop, Loop Jump, Forward Upright Spin, Sit Spin, FI & FO 3-turns & C-Steps 

Silver : Single Lutz, Single Axel, Camel Spin, Back Spin, Double Jump Introduction

Gold : Double Salchow, Double Toe Loop, Double Loop, Flying Camel, FI & FO Brackets, Strong Skating Skills, morning/day time ice commitment considered

Diamond : 5 consistent double jumps, 3 different double/double Combinations, Level 3 Spins, Rockers, Counters, S-Steps, Twizzles, Year Round training, morning/day time ice commitment considered

Diamond Advanced :  5 consistent double jumps, Double Axel, Level 4 Spins, Rockers, Counters, S-Steps, Twizzles, Year Round training, morning/day time ice commitment considered


Top Flight 2 : Mastery of Triple Jump(s).  Excellent Skating Skills/Competitive Record, Year Round training, day time ice commitment considered

Top Flight 1 : Mastery of multiple Triple Jump(s).  Excellent Skating Skills/Competitive Record, Year Round training, day time ice commitment considered

On Ice Development
Set to standards, these classes will incorporate all areas of a skaters development on the ice. Content will include variations of the following: Creative Edge Class, Basic Skating & Stroking, Jump & Spin Enhancement and Performance Skills.
All classes will offer both technical and well as practical application of various exercises that will enhance the development of each of the above areas. Development/group Classes are taught in a group environment providing an hour of coaching tuition within the class. Not only do these classes provide enhanced coaching time, but the group environment also provides a highly motivational approach to lessons.
Fees for freeskate include ice costs only. On and off-ice Development, spin, group and theory sessions include coaching fees. Coaches will invoice all participants for their individual lessons. Private lessons must be pre-arranged with the coach of choice prior to booking ice sessions.

Off Ice Conditioning

Stretch Class
Nevena, our current club ballet instructor, will work with the skaters each week in order to strengthen their resistance and flexibility while maintaining safe and controlled postures. Each week will build upon the next, with the goal of having the skaters move beautifully while developing the flexibility in the shoulders, back and hips necessary for figure skating positions.  Private Lesson work can be arranged in addition to the weekly group classes. 

Nevena builds the knowledge and awareness in each of the athletes for a system of exercises.  These exercises improve physical strength, range of motion, posture and enhance mental awareness.  Pilates gives athletes an edge mentally and physically.  The weekly practice reduces injuries, speeds recovery time, promotes efficient breathing and develops a solid mind-body connection. 

A classroom style class based on the history of figure skating.  Video footage, skating literature and fun exercises are all used to enhance an athletes love of skating while educating them about our rich history and special role models. 
The most essential of all our off ice classes offered, Nevena will continue her theme of stretch and poise through her classical training of ballet. Any skater hoping to stay injury free and perform beautifully on the ice needs to set their foundation of ballet training at a very young age.

Dry Land Jumping
A mixture of rotational exercises, positioning work and skating specific movement patterns.  Dryland Jumping is a key off ice class for any skater in order to be technically efficient on the ice.  Off Ice Harness apparatus and Rotational Machine are both used to help each skater find body awareness, rotational axis and prevent injuries through development of triple and quad jumps. 

Strength and Conditioning
The purpose of this class, designed and taught by Richmond Oval High Performance Coaches, is to develop and maintain the core strength and conditioning necessary for peak skating performance. Healthy strength development and sport specific exercises allow our athletes to train the high technical demands while keeping injury to a minimum.  Oval HP has worked with our coaching team and our top athletes for more than 5 years.

On-Ice Programs operate out of 3 locations:
1. Minoru Arenas (MA) 
          7551 Minoru Gate 
          Richmond, B.C. V6Y 1R8
2. Richmond Ice Centre (RIC)
          14140 Triangle Road
          Richmond, B.C. V6W 1B1
          Phone: 604-448-5366
3. Richmond Olympic Oval
          6111 River Road
Richmond, BC V7C 0A2
         Phone: 778-296-1400



The following fully completed forms must be submitted when registering:

Competitive Skaters MUST be registered with Skate Canada by August 31, therefore registrations need to be received by the club no later than August 25, of any given year.

Please keep in mind that there are no refunds or credits after the first day of skating. Changes (switches) to existing registrations may be made until the end of the 2nd week of the session. After that, sessions may be added at a prorated price, but no cancellations or transfers will be allowed. Prorating will not commence until the 3rd week of the session.


Important things to note:

  • Communicate with your respective coaches on the sessions that you are signing up for. 

  • Please ensure that registration is completed before skating. This includes online registration and payment, and submission of Volunteer form and cheque

  • An instalment payment option may be offered during the online registration process for registrations totalling over a specified amount

Lastly, registration changes will be accommodated only until the date specified at the start of each session. Please AVOID multiple changes/modifications to already registered sessions as it creates unnecessary, time-consuming rework. Adding sessions will follow the normal process, does not require any registration support overhead, and does not observe a deadline.

Please give your Volunteer form & cheque to your coach or mail  to:

Connaught Skating Club

186-8120 No. 2 Road, Box #704,

Richmond, B.C., V7C 5J8

Some programs fill up quickly and admittance is first-come, first-serve, with priority given to Connaught members.  



Please do not call the City of Richmond or Richmond Ice Centre Offices for information about our programs.

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