Pairs Development

Connaught skating is Home to pre-novice 2019/2020 British Columbia sectional champions and 2020 Challenge competitors. Other champions include Pre-juvenile 2019/2020 British Columbia champions and silver medalists. 


Coaches in the program include: 


Jacob Cryderman is a National level coach and has been coaching at Connaught Skating club since 2017 and has 10 years in coaching experience. 


Eileen Murphy is the Master Mentor Coach and Development Consultant/Connaught Skating Club Competitive Coaching Team. International ISU Coach

With 40 years Coaching experience Eileen has trained and developed skaters from the Grassroots level to Senior Competition National and International and brings expertise and enthusiasm to this exciting new Pair Development Program at the Connaught Skating Club. Eileen and Jacob curated this program in the summer of 2019. Both coaches saw an opportunity to provide a new disciple for skaters in British Columbia. 


Other coaches include Kurtis Schreiber former Canadian national pairs competitors. Alexa Linden, former Canadian national ice dance medalists. And Martin Nickel, Canadian national ice dance medalist. 


This program could’ve not been possible by many sources of support. We would like to say thank you to Connaught skating club and British Columbia section. Without these two organizations the pair program would not be what it is today. Skate Canada has also provided coaching learning opportunities through the Skate Canada pair initiative. 


Connaught Skating clubs pair program continues to grow season to season. With the support of skaters, parents, volunteers and coaches, growth and success is inevitable. We are looking forward to offering this program to our skaters as they train and pursue their love of the sport in the discipline of Pair Skating.

Onwards and Upwards to our Future Champions!



Please note:

All Parents/Guardians are responsible for their children while at the arena. Do not leave your children unattended. The Club is not responsible to provide child supervision.

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