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About the Connaught Skating Club

The Connaught Skating Club was founded in 1911 by Mrs. H.G. Ross and was under the patronage of His Royal Highness, the Duke of Connaught. We are the second oldest skating Club in Canada and the oldest skating club in British Columbia.

The Connaught Skating Club is a dynamic, multi-faceted traditional skating club based in Richmond, B.C. that offers varying levels of skating instruction geared to young skaters who are interested in learning to skate, skating at a recreational level or to the keen athlete who displays an interest in competitive figure skating.

If you are interested in skating, we at Connaught would love to welcome you to our Club. Connaught Skating Club is a non profit organization and is a member of Skate Canada, and operates within their strict rules and guidelines. We are grateful for the financial assistance provided by the Province of British Columbia.

Our Mission Statement:

The Connaught Skating Club is dedicated to providing the highest standard programs and opportunities that will optimize our skater’s potentials and provide avenues to their attainment of their personal goals. We are in pursuit of excellence at every level of development within the sport of figure skating in offering our programs as a direct service to the community.

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